Sunday, December 11, 2011

2012 ((( MOON ))) CALENDAR

Today marks the last full moon of the 2011 year. December's moon is the Cold Moon and what a cold and rusty beauty was she during the 6 a.m. lunar eclipse.
Today also marks the arrival of this years 2012 moon calendars! I have them available to purchase via my Big Cartel site. The calendars are 11" x 17" carbon black photocopies on 90 lb. Rives BFK paper and they come from a limited edition of 30.
Please click  H E R E to check them out!

Friday, December 9, 2011


Misfit Toy Factory opens this Saturday at Root Division in SF. This one night event features 35+ artists making a variety of small scale works which can be cash and carried away for a mere $40.   John Casey!         Bobby "Boss Cougar" Lukas!     Joey Castor!     Kate Stirr!     Andy Witrak!     Its a hit parade from here to the moon!
I'll be contributing to the factory with my dear friend and frequent collaborator, Ethan Worden. We've dreamt up a project that, in my biased opinion is as beautiful an object as it is a gesture. Come join us for some good times under the Full Cold Moon!