Thursday, February 7, 2013


After what feels like eons of planning and prep, i'm finally painting on freshly built and primed studio walls. Come on over and we'll have a beer.
Mountain studio, 2013
In progress reggae vibez
The secret lives of plants
In progress botanical vibez

Angels, forever.

Angels Forever,
Ink on Photocopy
from Little Big Draw, 2012

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

SubRosa Coffee Craft Faire!

I'm honored to be taking part in SubRosa Coffee's annual craft faire! I'll be selling my wares this saturday, December 8th from 10 am to 3 pm. alongside my dear friend Sophie Leininger, the mystical genie behind MAGIC CARPET YOGA MATS.
Please come down and spend some time with us in the Oakland sunshine (here's hopin'). And bring your dinero so you can put some lovely handmade things under the tree for your loved ones this year.
For more info on the event, please check out their page  H E R E.

Art is a Gift

I have new works on display at Interface Gallery in the Temescal Alley of north Oakland for a show called Art is a Gift.
EmmyLou and Nina
 Ink and colored pencil on paper, 2012

The opening reception is Friday, December 7th from 6 - 9 pm.
In addition to the 2 original drawings I have contributed, I have a small edition of carbon copy prints of the tattooed gentlemen that are available at the gallery.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Little Big Draw

John Casey is gathering up the Oakland dream team for a night of good times and live art making. Little Big Draw will be  at Mua this Wednesday from 7-10 with over 15 artists making and selling gorgeous things live and direct.
Michael McConnell making our names look better than ever.
Come and join us for drinks and revelry. Bring your cash and leave with holiday gifts. Who wouldn't want a John Casey under the tree? Or a Nathaniel Parson's for Hannukah. Or an Obi Kaufman for solstice? A Jake Watling for New years? I could go on and on......I love these guys, I'm blessed to do so much with all of them.
I'll be doing a little something with The Monkees. Come on down to Mua and check it all out.

Gravel and Gold!

Gravel and Gold is my F A V O R I T E store in all of San Francisco. I pop in whenever i'm in the hood to rub some yummy fragrance on my neck, thumb through their amazing vintage books and dream about one day owning more of their amazing wool blankets. And now folks, I am so stoked to announce that the amazing gals over at G&G are carrying my 2013 MOON calendars! Opah! Please pop in and check them out. And then go to Rhea's and get a sandwich.
Click HERE to see more about their shop, their events and their makers, including your's truly.

2013 MOON calendars

Another new year is coming around the bend and with it comes 12 more full moons and a brand new limited edition MOON calendar from my mountain studio.
I arrived at Willie as this year's patron saint of full moon-ness while across the sea in Hawaii nei. There's just something about being on a tropical beach that makes me crave that a.m. classic country radio sound. It must be all the paniolo vibes rolling down from the up country. I have decided that he is most likely an angel and i'm pretty sure that there is solid proof of that in Blue Eye's Cryin' In The Rain. And that's just the tip of the damn Willie berg.

Please check out my brand new ETSY page, MAMA HIBISCUS to find out more about acquiring your own 2013 MOON calendar. There are some other little gems on there too. Click HERE.

Here's hopin' that your year is filled with discovery and growth. Remember to get enough sleep and dance all the time. Tell your parents you love them and take all the risks you can. 2013 is sure to be magical. Willie vibes, lead the way.