Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Little Big Draw

John Casey is gathering up the Oakland dream team for a night of good times and live art making. Little Big Draw will be  at Mua this Wednesday from 7-10 with over 15 artists making and selling gorgeous things live and direct.
Michael McConnell making our names look better than ever.
Come and join us for drinks and revelry. Bring your cash and leave with holiday gifts. Who wouldn't want a John Casey under the tree? Or a Nathaniel Parson's for Hannukah. Or an Obi Kaufman for solstice? A Jake Watling for New years? I could go on and on......I love these guys, I'm blessed to do so much with all of them.
I'll be doing a little something with The Monkees. Come on down to Mua and check it all out.

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