Friday, March 9, 2012

Treasures from Hawaii

Beach combing in Hawaii might be the closest thing to heaven on earth that I can imagine. Well maybe after being waste deep in the Trinity river in mid August. Those 2 are a close tie for heaven.
I have this beautiful memory of my mom and I laying in the shore break on one of Kauai's windward beaches, sifting through grains of sand on the hunt for kaheleilani shells while my dad serenaded us with his Kamaka. It was a perfect moment for the Tuzzi three. The Threezzi's. Heaven on earth really.
"This is ugly, let's leave."
My dear friend Reese turned me onto this Kauai gal's blog, Lady Slider. She's got some fun stuff goin' on over in her world, especially when it comes to hawaiian jewelry, which is one of my fave things ever.
Hinu jewelry from Oahu makes beautifully simple pieces of wearable heaven on earth. I just love it. Gotta get me some.

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